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USSR postal stationery covers

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1985.01.16 Klaipeda. Victory square.

1985.02.05 Palanga. Vanagupe. "Linas" rest house.

1985.02.08 Director and actor B. Dauguvietis (1885-1949).

1985.02.19 Neringa. "Eserine" bar.

1985.02.19 45 years of Soviet goverment establishing.

1985.05.05 Druskininkai. Sporto street.

1985.05.24 Soviet state and party leader M. Sumauskas (1905-1982).

1985.06.06. I.Levitan (1880-1900). 125th birth anniversary.
More info in Jews of Lithuania

1985.10.09 Birstonas. Olympic base of rowing.

1985.12.11 Soviet army commander J.Uborevičius. 90th birth anniversary.

1986.01.14 Lithuanian poet and revolutioner Julius Janonis (1896-1917).

1986.01.28 Railway-ferry line Klaipeda-Mukran. USSR-DDR.

1986.02.13 Palanga. "Tulpes" rest houses.

1986.03.26 Siauliai. 750 years.

1986.04.25 Vilnius. Monument to I. Cerniachovskiy.

1986.07.17 Vilnius. Monument to partisans.

1986.07.25 Druskininkai. "Pusynas" sanatorium.

1986.09.23 Druskininkai. 150 years.

1986.10.16 Vilnius. Presidium of highest soviet (parliament).

1986.10.30 Neringa. "Rasytes" rest houses.

1986.11.12 Lithuanian composer and conductor Stasys Simkus (1887-1943).

1986.11.17 Painter and artist Kazys Simonis (1887-1978).

1986.12.05 International philatelic show "USSR-Finland". Vilnius '87.

1987.01.04 Vilnius. Television tower.

1987.01.04 Palanga. Museum of amber .

1987.01.27 100th anniversary of first Esperanto book.
More info in L.L.Zamenhof

1987.02.04 70th anniversary of state newspaper "Tiesa".

1987.03.17 Millenium of Russia - monument in Novgorod. Grand Dukes of Lithuania in the monument. More info in Rulers of GDL (The Grand Dutchy of Lithuania)

1987.04.09 Vilnius. Philatelic show BalticPhil'87 to commemorate 70th anniversary of the "Great October".

1987.04.13 Flags of USSR and Lithuanian SSR - glory to the great october.

1987.04.28 Souvenir cover. March 8th.

1987.04.29 Souvenir cover. Vilnius. New Year!

1987.05.22 Kaunas monument of Maironis. 125th birth anniversary of lithuanian poet Maironis.

1987.09.15 Academician of agriculture J. Krisciunas (1888-1973).

1987.11.30 Vilnius '1988. International chess tournament by correspondence.

1988.01.07 K.Kalinauskas (1838-1864) - leader of revolt (1863-1864) against tsar regime in Lithuania and Belarus.

1988.02.05 Composer and artist J.Svedas (1908-1971).

1988.02.15 Souvenir cover. New Year!

1988.02.18 Siauliai. Philatelic exhibition.

1988.02.22 Leader of Lithuania communist party J. Greifenbergeris (1898-1926).

1988.02.22 Kaunas. 50th anniversary of Kaunas Zoo establishment.

1988.03.17 Druskininkai. Water treatment - spa.

1988.04.19 Souvenir cover. March 8th.

1988.05.20 70 years to Lithuania communist party and Soviet goverment establishing. Monument Lenin-Kapsukas in Vilnius.

1988.06.27 Souvenir cover. Congrats!

1988.07.11 Souvenir cover. Happy birthday.

1988.09.06 Sculptor R. Antinis (1898-1981).

1988.10.18 USSR state and party leader Justas Paleckis (1899-1980).

1988.10.19 Composer Juozas Tallat-Kelpsa (1889-1949).

1988.10.28 Souvenir cover. Siauliai city. Coat of arms.

1988.10.28 Souvenir cover. Palanga. Skulptūra "Eglė-žalčių karalienė".

1988.11.22 Souvenir cover. Kaunas. Monument to Salomeja Neris.

1988.11.24 Soviet state and party leader Juozas Vitas (1899-1943).

1989.01.13 Birzai. 400th anniversary.

1989.01.17 Souvenir cover. New Year!

1989.03.02 Souvenir cover. Vilnius.

1989.04.19 Kaunas. State museum of history.

1989.04.26 Revolutioner of Russia and Lithuania Pranas Eidukevicius (1869-1926).

1989.04.27 Souvenir cover. The day of Soviet Army and Navy.

1989.05.15 Souvenir cover. March 8th!

1989.07.06 Souvenir cover. May 1st!

1989.07.19 Souvenir cover. Congrats!

1989.08.15 Vilnius. M.Gorkiy street.

1989.09.04 Souvenir cover. Happy birthday!

1989.10.18 Vilnius. Capitals of Soviet republics. Cathedral XIII-XVIII century.

1989.10.27 Kaunas. The IX fort memorial of naci's victims.

1989.11.24 Souvenir cover. Celebration!

1989.11.24 Souvenir cover. Invitation!

1989.12.01 Souvenir cover. New Year!

1989.12.08 Souvenir cover. New Year!

1989.12.08 Lithuanian poet Antanas Strazdas (1760-1833).

1989.12.14 Lithuanian painter, painting history researcher, pedagogue Paulius Galaune (1890-1988).

1989.12.14 Collector of Lithuanian folklore Matas Jonas Slanciauskas (1850-1924).

1989.12.15 Souvenir cover. New Year!

1990.01.29 Martynas Mazvydas (1510-1563) - author of the first lithuanian book.

1990.02.13 Dionyzas Poska museum of nature and culture "Baubliai".

1990.03.01 Utena. 160th anniversary of Utena post office.

1990.03.20 400th anniversary of Kedainiai city.

1990.04.25 Kaunas. Statue of Liberty.

1990.05.21 Souvenir cover. Congrats!

1990.06.08 Bookprinter F.Skorina. 500th birth anniversary.
More info in Famous people

1990.06.21 Millenium of Russia - monument in Novgorod. Grand Dukes of Lithuania in the monument. More info in Rulers of GDL (The Grand Dutchy of Lithuania)


1990.07.11 Vilnius. St. Casimir church.
More info in Rulers of GDL (The Grand Dutchy of Lithuania)

1990.07.13 Lithuanian linguist Jonas Jablonskis (1860-1930).

1990.08.14 Vilnius. Monuments of architecture - St. Ann church XV-XVI cent.

1990.08.15 Souvenir cover. Happy birthday!

1990.08.24 Souvenir cover. Congratulations!

1990.10.30 Souvenir cover. Invitation!

1990.12.04 Souvenir cover. New Year!

1990.12.05 Souvenir cover. New Year!

1990.12.13 Academia Scientiarum Lithuaniae. 50th anniversary of establishment of Lithuania Academy of Science.

1990.12.17 Ancient symbol "Vytis" XII-XVIIIc. More info in Vytis

1991.01.24 Vilnius. City panorama.

1991.01.24 4th sport games of lithuanians from world-wide.

1991.06.13 Trakai 650.

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