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- 1931 Michel:P192 024, Picture and inscription on stationery card: "Ostpreussen - Wanderdunen aus der Kurisches Nehrung" / East Prussia - Dunes of Curonian spit (today in Lithuania)

-1937 Deutsches Reich Michel:653, Michel catalogue says: "Fisherboote - a.d. Kurischen Nehrung" / Fisherman's boats in Curonian spit (today in Lithuania)

- 1956 Michel:237, "Thomas Mann 1875-1955".
More info in Nobel prize winners

- 1968 Michel:P96-b17/132, "Baron Munchhausen". More information in Baron Munchhausen

- 1970 Michel:623, "Baron Munchhausen". More information in Baron Munchhausen

- 1970 Michel:619, "National post stamp exibition SABRIA 70". Stamp designed according V.K.Jonynas designed Saar stamp. More info in "Stamps designed by lithuanian artist V.K.Jonynas"

- 1978 Michel:B16, "Nobel prize winners for literature". On the right stamp Thomas Mann. More info in Nobel prize winners

- 1978 Michel: P125-f7/105 and P129-g4/56, "Baron Munchhausen". More information in Baron Munchhausen

- 1988 Cancelation "Baltikum" of city Kiel 1. More info in Territory of Lithuania on the map

- 1995 Michel:B32, "50th anniversary releasing of prisoners from concentration camps". On s/s list of concentration camps. On the left side inscription "Kauen"(Kaunas, Lithuania)

- 2002 "Philatelic exhibition - Sindelfingen". Picture on the stationery cover shows stamps designed by V.K.Jonynas.
More info in Stamps designed by lithuanian artist V.K.Jonynas

- 2004 Michel:2400, "New members of EU". Figures symbolizing new countries painted in colors of flags. More info in Flag of Lithuania

- 2009 Meter stamp. Embassy of Republic of Lithuania in Germany.


- 2010 Jungingen city postmark. 600th death anniversary of Ulrich von Jungingen 1360-1410. Battle of Tannenberg (Grunwald). More info in Battle of Žalgiris (Tannenberg, Grunwald)

- 2010 300th anniversary of porcelain production. In red costume King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania and Elector of Saxony - Augustus II the Strong. More info in Rulers of GDL (The Grand Dutchy of Lithuania)
Michel: 2805
Michel: 2816


- 2012 200th anniversary of Tauragė convention.




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